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Best Ab Exercise For Men

Posted by trademole on October 10, 2010

Confused About The Best Ab Exercises For Men?

Are you looking for the best ab exercises for men – but confused over all the advice out there? One thing you need to know straight off is that the best ab exercises for men do not include those “ab belts” or “ab rockers” you see advertised on TV. AVOID THEM – THEY DON’T WORK!

best ab exercises for men

Luckily, it’s not that complicated to get great abs if you have the discipline to combine these 3 factors:

  • a correct workout regime
  • proper cardio training
  • and a fat buring diet

Unfortunately, almost everyone gets the balance between these 3 factors hopelessly wrong and as a result spend way too much time focusing on abs-specific exercises rather than implementing a much more effective combination of exercise and eating program.

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1. Best Ab Exercises For Men – Correct Workout Regime

If you are spending 15-30 mins of your workout time doing only crunches, sit ups, leg raises or other “abs pumping” exercises then you are not optmizing your time wisely.

best ab exercises for men

These are not the best ab exercises for men because you are only working on a relatively small muscle group.If you are still relying on long duration moderate paced aerobic exercise as your primary method of losing fat then this is a big mistake. In fact, you could argue that the whole aerobics explosion of the past couple of decades is one of the biggest mistakes to occur in the health and fitness industry.

The problem with this type of workout is that although it sends a signal to your body to keep a certain amount of stored fat available for your next workout. So although you do burn some calories during the exercise period as soon as you stop your body starts to store fat up for the next time. The exact opposite of the results you are looking for!

A far more effective approach is to spend MORE time on full body exercises such as squats, dead lifts, lunges, upper body presses and pulls, dumbbell swings etc etc which stimulates a far greater fat-burning and muscle building hormonal response’. Only after you have completed these exercises is it wise to spend 5-7 mins directly training the abs.

But don’t forget that the best ab exercises for men are generally not thought of as ab exercises at all. Take front squats for example. These are usually thought of as a simple leg exercise but if you learn to do them properly then you will realize that the weight shift to the front of your body generates a tremendous stabilization tension in your abs.

2. Best Ab Exercises For Men – Proper Cardio Training

If you are used to doing a 45 min steady pace cardio workout thinking that you are on the way to getting those ripped abs then forget it. It is now well proven that the best ab exercises for men (or women!) are a combination of focused on shorter duration variable intensity interval training, wind sprints, hill sprints and other high intensity workouts.

Why? Well think of it this way, which of the following would you rather have

  1. the weedy body of a dedicated marathon runner achieved through long duration cardio,
  2. the totally ripped muscular body of a world class sprinter achieved through high intensity training

If you didn’t answer #2 then you are in the wrong place!

The main reason why high intensity training routines are the best ab exercises for men is two fold. First variable intensity training, during which your heart rate can jump to 160bpm before dropping to 100bpm during recovery intervals, makes for a much stronger heart and secondly, the resistive fashion of variable intensity training ensures a higher residual metabolic effect with the result that you burn more calories in the post-workout period.

3. Best Ab Exercises For Men – A Fat Burning Diet

When it comes to diet don’t fall for all the “low fat” or “low carb” gimmicks out there. The only thing that you need to restrict is junk food, sodas, deep fried foods and go easy on wheat-based foods as well. Ditch all the confusing guru advice out there and follow these 6 general rules.

  1. Choose whole unprocessed organic foods
  2. Choose high nutrient density foods instead of processed foods
  3. Fruits and vegetables should form the main source of carbohydrates rather than grains
  4. Make sure you get moderate amounts of high quality protein each day
  5. Use high fiber intake to help control appetite and glycemic reactions (balanced blood sugars)
  6. Don’t avoid fats! You should include a healthy level of fat intake from nuts, seeds, olive & coconut oils, avocado’s, fish etc

If you follow these straightforward guidelines you cannot go wrong. Furthermore, you will start to notice that no longer crave sweets or junk foods and an added bonus is that this kind of eating plan will bring you back to your correct calorie intake without having to do laborious calorie counting.

By Following these 3 pieces of advice you will not only ensure you are incorporating the best ab exercises for men into your routine but will help you feel great, lose body fat and have way more energy.

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